Get ready to kickstart your university and professional life through Swin-Mentoring!

Helping Others Feels Good

In our experience, the most rewarding part about being involved with Swin-Mentors comes from the people you meet and the friendships you develop.

"Being a mentor was a great experience. It was so much fun meeting all the new students and sharing my tips and previous experience. Through the mentoring program I developed good leadership skills and it was also one of the key things that helped me to get my first professional job after graduation." 
Asanka, Bachelor of Engineering student

"I found the mentoring program really rewarding, it was great to have a group of peers to meet up with regularly and a friendly  mentor to guide me through the first semester of uni when everything was new.  This helped me balance my study and my life and kept me on track. Without my mentor I would not be where I am now."
Bianca, Bachelor of Design student

Professional Development

Mentors and mentees develop skills that are highly valued in the workplace. Communication, time-management, cross-cultural understanding and confidentiality are just a few areas in which you will gain practical experience thanks to being involved in the program.

Mentors are also recognised at our Peer Support Thank You Party, can apply for the Swinburne Emerging Leaders Program and can have hours credited with the Student Life Volunteer Program.

Free Social Activities

All participants are invited to take part in organised social activities, such as our Swin-Mentor Networking Event or our weekly Coffee, Walk and Talk...also known as CoWaTa!

Mentors also get some extra bonuses, like a free Swin-Mentor Keep Cup. Talk about giving a little and gaining a lot!

Give a Little, Gain a Lot!

Both mentors and mentees gain so much from being involved in Swin-Mentors.

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