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Get connected at Swinburne!



The Peer Mentoring Program exists to make the adjustment to uni a little bit easier by connecting students and helping them find their feet. We link first-year undergraduate students starting at Swinburne (Mentees) with experienced students (Mentors) who offer guidance and friendship during a Mentee’s transition to uni life. You get out what you put into our program by making it your own!

We offer all students opportunities to meet new people and develop mentoring and leadership skills. See your personal and professional growth as you progress through our program, from starting as a Mentee looking for support, to becoming a Mentor who offers that support, to becoming a Mentor Leader who coaches Mentors and helps run things behind the scenes.

Uni is about so much more than classes and assessments – it's also about the people you meet and the relationships you form! Students involved in the program have reported feeling more connected and positive, which in turn can lead to improved academic performance and general wellbeing.

If you are a student studying online (e.g., Swinburne Online) please visit to join the online Student Mentor Program.

Why become a Mentee?

  • MEET other Swinburne students at meetings and events
  • LEARN from the experiences of other students
  • RECEIVE support and guidance during your transition to uni – academic support is not offered as part of the program
  • EXPLORE uni life outside academics
  • BUILD confidence in yourself, personally and professionally
  • GROW through peer support

Why become a Mentor?

  • HELP and inspire students to fulfil their potential at Swinburne
  • SUPPORT students who are going through similar challenges that you might've experienced
  • MEET other students at meetings and events
  • IMPROVE your employability by developing skills in areas like communication, leadership, and networking
  • LOG volunteering hours for your contributions
  • RECEIVE recognition and references
  • GROW through peer support

Important dates

  • Month prior to the semester starting – Mentees and Mentors start signing up to the program; Mentors complete onboarding and training
  • Week one – Program launches; Mentees, Mentors, and Mentor Leaders are matched and the first round of Mentoring Connections is published
  • Week two – the final round of Mentoring Connections is published as Mentees and Mentors who sign up late are matched
  • After week two– Mentees and Mentors who sign up late will not be matched and are encouraged to opt into the program for the following semester
  • Week five – Program concludes; Mentees and Mentors are given the option to roll over to the program in the following semester;
  • Week six – Mentoring Connections are closed; Mentee and Mentor accounts are deactivated 
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