Get connected at Swinburne!


A student with 6 months experience (Mentor) at Swinburne can provide guidance and support to commencing students (Mentee) by sharing their insights and knowledge. This creates a community of support while building networks between faculties and increases awareness of services available at Swinburne. 

University should be about so much more than classes and assignments. It is also about the people you meet and the networks you make. Students involved in mentoring at Swinburne report feeling more connected and positive, which has resulted in improved academic performance and general wellbeing.

Why Become a Mentor?

  • OBTAIN a Working with Children Check
  • HELP other students fulfil their potential at Swinburne
  • SUPPORT others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • IMPROVE your employability by learning skills such as communication, leadership and networking
  • RECEIVE recognition and rewards
  • GAIN volunteering hours for holding your meetings
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas

Why Become a Mentee?

  • MEET students that are new to Swinburne
  • LEARN from the success of others
  • RECIEVE support and guidance regarding services at Swinburne 
    • Please note we won't be able to offer academic support
  • RECEIVE advice on being a new student at Swinburne
  • GAIN your leadership and coaching from your mentor
  • GROW through peer support and exploration of ideas
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