Meet People, Create Networks

At Swin-Mentors, we believe that the best way to learn about university is from other students, so we create networks for you to do just that.

Each network is made of one mentor and up to four mentees - if you thrive in a more one-to-one environment, just let us know, we can make that happen too.

Mentors and the other mentees in the network connect with each other initially online and then, ideally, meet face-to-face. Meetings will then be available once per fortnight for the semester - these are a chance to have a chat, share ideas, express concerns and simply help each other feel connected.

Mentors receive comprehensive training, so they are aware of the range of support services at Swinburne, understand the importance of confidentiality and communication techniques.

They've also been successful in their study and know how to navigate the system, but at the same time can empathise with the challenges of starting out.

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Three Principles of a Network

  1. Trust: Confidentiality is key; what comes into the group should stay in the group.
  2. Commitment: Be present and commit to attending the network meetings; eliminate distractions so that you can engage completely with the group.
  3. Willingness to Share: Don't be afraid of sharing your own experience; each contribution is valuable to the group as a whole.