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Swinburne College Student Hub


Come and see us in Room TD140

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Hi students! Welcome to The Student Hub. The aim of this service is to help prepare you for a range of assessment and learning practices encountered in higher education contexts. The content of the workshops focuses on practical applications of Literacy Skills needed to succeed in higher education. The workshops are not assessed but are simply designed to help you with your studies. After some of the workshops, there are quick quizzes to help you test out your new skills. 

The Student  Hub is much more than about study, it is also here to help you to connect to your student community.

You can check out our social Teams channels here

Also, check out our Canvas Shell here

At the Student Hub, you can :

  • MEET other Swinburne students and take part in social activities
  • LEARN from the experiences of other students
  • RECEIVE support and guidance with your studies
  • BUILD confidence in yourself, personally and professionally
  • GROW through peer support



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